How to care for your nails after a gel manicure or pedicure

How to care for your nails after a gel manicure or pedicure

Jan 12, 2023Bao Nguyen

Why wouldn't you adore a gel manicure or pedicure? They remain sparkling throughout the whole week without peeling. They also help your nails to stay healthy if taken good care of. Here we are walking you through the care routine you must follow so that your nail's manicures and pedicures stay longer.

What is a gel manicure, to begin with?

A manicurist uses a small, portable UV machine to apply a pre-mixed acrylic to the nails during a manicure and pedicure. The acrylic is then cured and hardened under UV (ultra-violet) light. Up to three gel coatings may be applied, and each coat must be "cured" or "set" under a light source. Check out the iGel Cordless UV/Led Lamp- 3 Colorways from Treasure4nails to have a fantastic experience.

gel manicure

How long does it take for nails painted with gel to heal?

Gels shouldn't harm your nails if applied and removed correctly, ideally by a trained expert. Most damage happens during the removal process if you don't take the required precautions and take too long to remove them.

It can take between three and six months for white spots, lines, or unevenness on your natural nails to go away because that usually is how long it takes for your nails to grow out entirely.

If you only have minor peeling or flaking following removal, don't worry. Here's a step-by-step manual for regaining their strength and health.

  • Trim Your Nails First
  • Longer nails are more likely to break while performing daily tasks To avoid your nails catching on items and chipping, keep them short. Additionally, starting with shorter nails will give you more flexibility as they grow.

    Trim Your Nails First
  • Keep Them Rounded
  • Over time, gel polish or coating can stronger your nails You need to file the nails and apply to coat twice or thrice to cause nails to become thicker, which makes If you are looking for a substitute, then visit our Cre8tion Seashell French Nail section.

  • Carefully Buff Them
  • Smooth any rough edges or ridges by lightly rubbing them with a buffer. Further peeling will be lessened as a result, especially at the tips.

  • Moisturize Often
  • Several times daily, rub cuticle oil into your nails and the surrounding area. Then use a thick hand cream or salve to seal everything in. Creams form an occlusive barrier to prevent moisture evaporation, while oils penetrate the nail beds more effectively.

    Keep Them Rounded
  • Use Nail Care Products
  • For a few weeks, skip the polish and apply a strengthening treatment to your nails. This Cre8tion Soak Off Gel Base Coat is a top-notch preference for all women, which protects and thickens your nails. You must check out more on our website!

    Use Nail Care Products
  • Don't Touch Your Cuticles
  • Avoid the impulse to trim or chop them. Another reason to keep your cuticles moisturized is that they serve as a barrier to help preserve the developing new nails underneath. Check out our Nail File Machine to get the best results.

    Your Takeaway

    When your nails have healed, and you decide to have another gel manicure, repress the impulse to pick up and take the polish off. Layers of your nail may come off as you do this. Get a proper removal at the salon, or purchase a kit to perform the task yourself.

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