Trendy DIY Nail Art with Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish

Trendy DIY Nail Art with Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish

Mar 06, 2024Bao Nguyen

Art finds its canvas, be it on the walls or your nails. Like the one on walls, the one on the nails is also appreciated for the mesmerizing skills and ideas that went into its creation.

However, unlike any other art, nail art is greatly influenced by trends. And to keep you updated on the nail art trends here we are with the trendiest cat eye gel polish. This gel nail polish trend isn’t just about the trendy colors; it's a magical fusion of idea, design, and technique that turns your fingertips into a captivating masterpiece. If you've been curious about cat eye gel polish designs and the magic behind them, you're at the right place. 

For you, we, treasure 4nails, have curated some of the captivating DIY nail art of cat eye gel polish trend along with along with all the deets you need to know about this trendy nail polish. 

What Is The Cat Eye Nail Art Trend?

Let’s first understand the cat eye nail art trend. It is a nail art technique that involves stylish and eye-catching nail polish that contains magnetic pigments. These pigments can be shaped to your desire for a perfectly seductive flare. using special magnetic gel polishes to create a unique and dynamic pattern resembling a cat's eye. 

This trend has attracted attention for its ability to add depth, dimension, and a touch of mystery to nail designs. It has become the favorite of those who prefer a bold and distinctive look (like their personality) for their manicures. The Cat Eye nail art trend takes creativity in nail art to a different level. It allows you to experiment with different colors, patterns, and magnetic effects to paint your nails with stunning and captivating nail art.

What Does A Magnet Do To Cat Eye Gel Polish Nails?

Magnets are the master strokes that transform your nails into tiny canvases of creativity, where every movement of the magnet over your magnetic cat eye gel polish unveils a captivating cat-eye spectacle.

The magnetic pigments within the cat eye gel polish when exposed to the magnetic field generated by the specialized Cat Eye tool start moving. Intriguingly, they gracefully organize themselves into different and unique patterns based on the movement of the magnet. 

That's where the fun kicks off! Those arrangements are the center stone for a cat eye nail art trend- a mix of cool innovation, style, and that magnetic touch of individuality.   

5 Trendy Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish for DIY Nail Art 

DIY nail art trends are the perfect playground for self-expression. After you master the art of cat eye magnetic nail designs, experiment with Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish’s different shades, patterns, and magnetic effects to create your own masterpiece.

Sparkly Crystal 

shade 67 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish

Dip your nails in elegance with our Cat Eye Gel Polish in soft pink and sparkling silver tones, mirroring the beauty of rose quartz. The delicate cat-eye shine, outlined with a sparkling silver line, imparts an elongated and gracefully gorgeous look, adding a touch of sophistication to your manicure. Use shade 67 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish to achieve this unique cat eye nail art.

The Mysterious Duos

shade 74 of Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish

Black and Pink is a combination that is the epitome of girl power. The swirling design embodies the grace and beauty a girl carries within the strong storm of ambition, and power. To get this empowering look on your nails, opt for shade 74 of Cre8tion Cat Eye Gel Polish applied over a sleek black base. Embrace the fusion of style and strength with this captivating nail design

The Glowing Ocean

CE19 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish

Resembling the magical display of sparkly blue glow in the sea at night, this beauty is truly irresistible. Designed with the transparent glossy gel polish and the sparkly cat eye gel polish at the tip this is an extended version of a French manicure. Looking sophisticated and mesmerizing sport this gorgeous nail art to steal the show on any special occasion. Use shade CE19 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish to get this glowing ocean design!!   

The Winter Greenland

shade 108 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish

Dress your nails in the elegance of regal green and silver color nail polish. This winter Greenland design represents the snow-covered green lushness. Exuding calm and charm this exquisite palette is a perfect match for any black tie occassion where you’re planning to grab attention with your emerald green dress! Use shade 108 of Cre8tion cat eye gel polish to achieve this regal nail art.

The Bold and Beautiful 

shade 112 of Crea8tion cat eye gel polish

The bold red at the center surrounded by the shiny black represents the luxury encapsulating the power and passion at the core. Perfect for date night, this design has a mysterious enchanting appeal. Use shade 112 of Crea8tion cat eye gel polish to achieve this sparkly and shiny red center on your beautifully manicured nails. 


Life's too short for boring nails. Dazzle up your sparkly nail art with Cre8tion cat eye gel polish on Treasure4nails today!

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