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Cre8tion - Paraffin Wax - Peach

$18.00 USD


Cre8tion - Super Moisturizing - Peach Scent Paraffin Wax

Directions: Cut bag open and slide paraffin into the paraffin bath. DO NOT heat paraffin in the bag.

Ingredients: Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Microcrystallina, Prunus Persica, (Peach) Kernel Oil, Perfume, CI 26100.

WARNING - Melted/hot wax may burn the skin and / or cause irritation for sensitive people. stop use if reaction occurs.


1. Melt the wax by turning warmer to maximum temperature.

2. After the wax has melted, turn down the heat setting to 113ºF - 115ºF and allow wax to cool before use. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY USE. Allow a few minutes for the melted wax to cool for safe and comfortable use. The high temperature of the warmer element may continue to heat the wax for a few minutes and may burn the skin if the wax temperature is not allowed to stabilize and cool to 113-115ºF.

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