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Kiara Sky - Acrylic Nail Kit - 14 Piece Kit

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Everything you love about Kiara Sky's acrylic system and accessories, All-in-One kit! Achieve the sets you've been aiming for with our best-selling EMA Monomer, handcrafted crystal-cut acrylic brush, and 3 shades of our self-leveling flawless finish All-in-One powder. Designed by our Kiara Sky Educators, this acrylic kit hits every wish on a nail pro's list including a full case of our C-Curve Nail Tips + Glue and full-size bottles of Acrylic Primer and Top Coat Essentials. But what about Files and Cuticle Oil? We got you! That's included too! The holy grail of acrylic kits is here!

What's In The Kit?

1. C-Curve Nail Tips - Natural Square
- 500 pre-shaped & pre-sculpted nail tips
2. 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Brush #10
- Voted the #1 best acrylic brush in the industry!
3. EMA Monomer
- 8oz of our best-selling monomer!
4. Acrylic Primer
- The key ingredient to acrylic nails that last 4+ weeks!
5. Acrylic Top Coat
- Ultra-shiny top coat for a shine that lasts!
6. Clear All-In-One Powder
- Crystal clear acrylic powder with self-leveling properties!
7. Pure White All-In-One Powder
- Our iconic white acrylic powder with anti-yellowing properties!
8. Boujee Beige Cover Acrylic Powder
- Universally flattering cover with a smooth consistency
9. Rose Cuticle Oil
- Made with vitamin E, almond, and jojoba oil that will leave your skin soft and hydrated!
10. 2 half-moon nail files 80/80
- Designed to give you full control and make shaping a breeze!
11. 2 rectangle nail files 100/100
- Have full control with nail prep, shaping, and filing.
12. 2 Stick It nail glues
- 3-second quick-dry glue in a spill-proof bottle

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